Current Endorsements:

In 2015, the Green Party of Seattle has endorsed the following candidates:

Chas Redmond for Seattle City Council, District 1 (West Seattle)


Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council, District 2 (Columbia City and Southeast Seattle)


Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council, District 3 (Columbia City and Southeast Seattle)


Michael Maddux for Seattle City Council, District 4 (Columbia City and Southeast Seattle)


Sandford Brown for Seattle City Council, District 5 (Maple Leaf and north to 145th)


Catherine Weatbrook for Seattle City Council, District 6 (Green Lake and West to Ballard)


Jon Grant for Seattle City Council, District 8 (city wide)


Bill Bradburd for Seattle City Council, District 9 (city wide)


Our Endorsement Process

We have an Electoral Committee that oversees the candidate vetting and endorsement process.  If you wish to have GPOS consider an endorsement request, whether as a candidate running for office or if you are leading a citizen initiative effort, we ask that you fill out a short questionnaire to provide us with a bit of background. We advertise endorsement votes ahead of time so that members know when opportunities for this will come up. If you wish to schedule time to speak at a general membership meeting, please contact one of the Coordinating Committee members or just email this questionnaire as the form explains, and someone will get back to you about an interview and/or will work with you to schedule time on an upcoming meeting agenda.

Text of endorsement application is below, or download a PDF of it here.


Green Party of Seattle

Endorsement Application


Email completed questionnaire to info@seattlegreens.org

 We may contact you by phone or email to set up an interview.


Name:                                                                        Phone numbers:                              


Email #1:                                                                   Email #2 (optional):                      




Position for which you are running, or the issue for which you seek our endorsement:




Date this form was completed:  _______________________


Have you read and do you agree with the Green Party of Seattle’s Ten Key Values on the website?  (www.seattlegreens.org
_____ yes    _____ no


If elected, do you commit to meet with GPOS representatives at least twice per year?

_____ yes   _____ no


Tell us about your campaign plan and goals. (Include already collected endorsements, volunteers, dollars, key contacts, etc.)










Describe your history of activism with GPOS, or allied organization, which closely relates to at least one of the Green Party’s Ten Key Values:









If you are not currently a member, are you willing to join GPOS? _____ yes   _____ no   (In partisan races, a candidate running for office must join GPOS for us to endorse. In non-partisan races, candidates are encouraged to join, but not required.)


Will you list GPOS as an endorser on your campaign literature and website? _____ yes   _____ no


How many hours a week do you plan to campaign from now until the election? ________________


Do you commit to appearing on the ballot? _____ yes   _____ no  


Will you commit to sharing walking lists within 60 days of campaign end?  _____ yes   _____ no  


What do you most need from GPOS as endorsers?  __________________________________


Any other comments?






Thank you!



Please return completed form to:

Green Party of Seattle
P.O. Box 95515 Seattle, WA 98145

For fastest response, email to info@seattlegreens.org