Join & Renew

Because the Green Party of Seattle does not accept donations from corporations, we rely entirely on the generosity of concerned individuals. Your membership fee or donation will help make the work we do possible. From renting meeting space to hosting a website, having literature for outreach as well as banners and signs for events, we have the normal operational costs. We have no office or paid staff. We also raise money to support candidates, run issue campaigns and contribute to the various causes, alliances and coalitions of which we are a part. You can help Greens be more visible by donating your time and your financial support.

There are two ways to either become a member or renew an existing membership with voting privileges in the Green Party of Seattle (GPOS).  Membership in GPOS automatically includes  being a part of the Green Party of Washington State as well.   Our annual membership fees are $25 per year minimum. Some people contribute more or donate monthly.

First review the Ten Key Values of the Green Party here.  If you agree with them, we ask that you then:

  • Send a check by mail.  Make checks payable to “Green Party of Seattle” and mail to:                        Green Party of Seattle, 134 N 81st St, Seattle, WA 98103-4204; or,
  • Proceed to the Donate page and pay online.

Any amount over the $25 annual minimum is appreciated and makes a difference.

Please contact us ( ) if you are low-income or need sliding-scale options.

On the Donate page, you can also contribute to our general fund apart from joining or renewing your membership.