Artful Activism: Banners to Make & Unfurl

Who would like to learn how to make giant banners that can be seen from hundreds of feet away? If you've never been part of making banners with catchy phrases, or displaying them to make a BIG statement, you should take note. Even if you have done any part of bannering before -- wasn't it memorable? did you feel the impact?

You probably would like to do it again, wouldn't you? Especially with fellow GREENS and with collaborators from Backbone Campaign, to get to know more people with shared values, and have fun! Right? Let's have the process be community building as well as educational for the public, and let's start with the issue of stopping TPP from passing in US Congress.

Please contact Syd ( ) if you are interested in work parties, trainings/assembly, and taking it out to overpasses and marches any time between now and April 15, 2015. There will be more than one opportunity so just send name, how you want to be contacted and if you prefer evenings or weekend times, and/or say any dates you are NOT free.

We'll be in touch!